A decentralized communication system


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Available for Android (starting from 4.0+), Windows (7,8,10,11), Linux and macOS.


A decentralized communication system

Your data stays in your devices

Decentralized connection

You can connect your devices easily using your local network and optionally over the Internet without the need for external servers, accounts, or tracking.

Calls & SMS

Send and read SMS/MMS messages from your Windows, Mac or Linux computer, manage and initiate phone calls from your computer, and make unlimited voice calls for free.

Files & Folders

Send files and folders to multiple devices quickly, and without limitations. You can manage the files of a remote device without the need to install FTP servers.

Notifications & Alarms

Read, dismiss, and reply to all your phone notifications from your PC and send alarms and pokes to one or all connected devices.

Universal Clipboard

Synchronize the clipboards between your devices, allowing you to copy text from your PC and paste it on your phone and vice versa. Use the private clipboard to secure your saved data.

Messages & Links

Send messages and links to one or more devices even when they are offline using a peer-to-peer connection. You can also send links and text from your browser.

Remote Control

You can use your smartphone as a remote control for your PC and media players, such as Kodi, and adjust the volume of your device.


Your files, voice calls, messages, notifications, and clipboard are all encrypted end-to-end when transferred.

Private Network

Create a hotspot to connect all your devices and exchange files and messages without relying on external networks.

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