Android "Essential" & "Pro" Changelog

Support app evolution

version 3.3

  • You can send an alarm to a "Trusted" device. The alarm will ring even if the remote device has activated "Don't disturb".
    Using the corresponding widget you can send the alarm to all "Trusted" devices that are online. Designed especially for those who take care of elderly persons and want to have a quick and easy to use alerting system.
  • Solved an issue with the remote control.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 3.2

  • You can now add a remote device 1, which is not on the local network, via the Internet.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
1 "Add remote device" is a "Pro" premium feature that can also be used, within limits, in the "Essential" version

version 3.1

  • You can now connect your devices via Internet even when one of them cannot configure its modem/router ("Everywhere To Home" 1 connection).
  • You can renew the encryption keys. Go to a "Trusted" device settings, scroll down and click the "Renew encryption keys" button (when available).
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
1 "E2H" connection is a "Pro" premium feature which you can also try in the "Essential" version

version 3.0.2

  • "Direct Internet Connection" optimizations.
  • Added new dark theme "Black Deep Purple". (Pro premium features)
  • Some color themes have been revised to improve the visibility of text and icons.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 3.0

  • Now you can connect your devices via Internet without using external servers.
  • Added new section "Connection" in the settings.
  • Added new settings on the settings page of each "Trusted" device used in "Direct Internet Connection".
  • Added "Check for updates" button in the settings. (Essential)
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 2.3

version 2.2

version 2.1

version 2.0

version 1.7.2

version 1.7.1

version 1.7

version 1.6.13

version 1.6.12

version 1.6.11

version 1.6.10

version 1.6.9

version 1.6.8

version 1.6.7

version 1.6.6

version 1.6.5

version 1.6.4

version 1.6.3

version 1.6.2

version 1.6.1

version 1.6

version 1.5.9

version 1.5.8

version 1.5.7

version 1.5.6

version 1.5.5

version 1.5.4

version 1.5.3

version 1.5.2

version 1.5.1

version 1.5

version 1.4.12

version 1.4.11

version 1.4.10

version 1.4.9

version 1.4.8

version 1.4.7

version 1.4.6

version 1.4.5

version 1.4.4

version 1.4.3

version 1.4.2

version 1.4.1

version 1.4

version 1.3.9

version 1.3.8

version 1.3.7

version 1.3.6

version 1.3.5

version 1.3.4

version 1.3.3

version 1.3.2

version 1.3.1

version 1.3

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