Android "Go TV" Changelog

version 3.10

  • You can choose to save incoming files to the app's sdcard folder.
  • You can browse the files in the app's sdcard folder.
  • Incoming generic files will be saved in the "Downloads" folder on all devices (phone/tablet/tv) in new installations of the app.
  • Fixed an issue related to file sharing with the plus symbol in the name.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 3.9.6

  • You can share multiple files. 1
  • Fixed an issue where the "Send" button disappears when the file view type is changed. 1
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.
1 on phone and tablet

version 3.9.5

  • Added locale for Slovenian.
  • Improved the retrieval of installed applications and their launch.
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 3.9.3

  • You can see the applications installed on TV.
    Press "Play" on the remote control to open an application.
  • You can delete and rename the selected file(s).
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements.

version 3.9.2

Share files between Android devices (phone, tablet, TV) and computers.
The app interface automatically adapts to the device, offering the best graphical interface and navigability.
To send files from your computer use one of the applications for Windows, Linux and macOS.

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