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In the vast majority of cases you don't have to do anything special to connect your devices that share the same local network. Just open EasyJoin in all your devices and wait a few seconds for them to connect to each other.
If the local network is divided into several sub-networks you can try to specify the IP of a device in the "Settings"1 section of each device.
The field to fill in is the one labeled "Internal network IP".

1 To view this page, click the name of a device in the "Trusted" list and select the "Settings" tab
If you want to connect with a specific IP address you can use the "Ping IP" feature2 and write the IP you want to ping. You can ping multiple IPs by replacing the last number of the IP with the "*" character, i.e. "192.168.1.*" to ping all IPs of "192.168.1".

2 In the list of devices click on the icon at the top right to open the context menu and select "Ping IP"

Directly via Internet

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