macOS Changelog

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version 4.0

  • This is the new native version for macOS developed with SwiftUI. You can get the legacy version, based on Mono, from here.
  • You can connect your devices via Internet without using external servers.
  • DDNS-like service to share your Internet IP and port with trusted devices without using third party services.
  • New section "Connection" in the settings.
  • Adapted "Trusted" device settings page to include parameters for "Direct Internet Connection".
  • Dark theme has been added.
  • You can renew the encryption keys. Go to a "Trusted" device settings, scroll down and click the "Renew encryption keys" button (when available).
  • You can add a remote device, which is not on the local network, via the Internet.
  • You can authorize the application to access any folder.
  • You can manage the files of a remote device. Currently you can:
    • Delete remote files/folders.
    • Rename a remote file/folder.
    • Create a remote folder.
    • Download files/folders from the remote device and select the local folder where they will be saved.
    • Upload files/folders to the remote device and select the remote folder where they will be saved.
    • View remote files as a list, grid or with preview.
  • New setting to enable remote file management on the "Trusted" device settings page.
  • New setting for "Trusted" devices to be defined as "default". When a "default" device is the only "Trusted" device online,
    text and files are sent directly to it without going through the device selection screen.
  • New setting to override the functionality of the "default" device.
  • You can "pin" P2P messages so that they are not deleted when deleting messages by type.
  • You can filter "MESSAGES" by type, text and pinned.
  • You can filter "SMS" by text.
  • You can use "Shift + Enter" when writing a message to go to the next line instead of sending the message.
  • New icon in the contact list to start writing an SMS to the selected contact.
  • Minimizes data update request (currently SMS and contacts) when a remote device is online and is not a local device.
    You can still manually request a complete update of the data.
  • You can choose to show remote notifications as native notifications or as notifications managed by the app.
  • You can reply to a P2P message directly from the native notification.
  • You can see the queue of files being sent by selecting the corresponding item from the menu.
  • New setting to preserve the date of an incoming file.
  • All clickable items will be highlighted on mouseover.
Some of the above features are only available in the "premium" version or have limitations in the free version

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