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You have to download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later.
Turn on the Windows Update and install all updates for the .Net framework.

Choose between "Pro" and "Go" version

Pro v4.4.1

Share files, folders, messages, links, notifications, clipboard and more. *
The best choice if you use the "Pro" version of Android.
* Premium features are available using the Pro version of the Android app.

Go v4.1

A bare bone version for sending and receiving files and folders.
The best choice if you use the "Go TV" version of Android.

PRO premium features

Connect devices
  • Easily connect your devices using your local network and directly via Internet, without using external servers, in offline, "Home to Home" and "Everywhere to Home" modes.
  • Add and connect with a remote device, which is not part of the local network, securely via the Internet.
  • An integrated, optional service, which offers a similar functionality to DDNS, allows you to share your IP and Internet port with trusted devices to simplify the direct connection via the Internet.
Phone and SMS
  • Read the phone's SMS / MMS from your computer; send SMS / MMS from your computer (SMS / MMS is sent from your phone and has the normal cost of an SMS / MMS).
  • Manage phone calls remotely. You can see the name of the caller, the phone number, you can mute the ring sound, answer, answer with speaker on and hang up. 1
  • You can browse your phone's contacts and start a phone call from your computer.
Notification sharing
  • Trigger an action of a remote notification. Dismiss a remote notification.
  • Reply to a message from WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Viber and other communication applications that originated on your phone from your computer.
  • You can keep the history of remote notifications.
  • You can filter received notifications by app.
Remote control
  • Remote file management. Download, rename, delete the files of a remote device.
  • Use your phone to control your computer.
    • Use your phone as mouse to control your computer.
    • Easily control your PC's media player, such as Kodi and Windows Media Player, when you watch a movie or listen to music.
    • Type on the phone's keyboard and send the text to your computer.
    • Control the volume of a device. You can also lock the screen and turn off a remote device.
  • Sends device information (e.g. battery level, disk space) to other devices. Sets an alarm when the battery charge level of a remote device falls below and/or exceeds a certain level.
There's more
  • Send files and folders to multiple devices on your local network (offline) and directly via Internet.
  • Automatically synchronizes the clipboards of all devices when you copy text to one of them. Automatic synchronization also works on the latest versions of Android using a private clipboard.
  • Send P2P messages and links to one or more devices even when they are offline. Send links and text from your browser.
  • Send alarms to one or all connected devices. Notify your family members who are at home in case of need.
  • Make unlimited, end-to-end encrypted, voice calls for free. 2
  • Available in 14 light themes and 8 dark themes.
1 Some features are not available from version 9 (Pie) or higher of Android because they have been removed from these versions of Android.
2 It is not advisable to use this feature on metered connections or connections with data traffic limitations.


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Note: portable versions must be unzipped to a non-system folder.

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