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I installed EasyJoin on my phone. And now?
Now you have to install EasyJoin on at least one other device: a tablet, PC or other phone. After installing the program on your device, you have to open it and wait a few seconds for the devices to find each other. You will see the available devices in the "Temporary" tab.
I installed EasyJoin on my phone and on my PC. Why don't I see any device in the "Temporary" tab (and/or the devices are "Offline" in the "Trusted" tab)?
Windows firewall may prevent devices from connecting with each other.
You can configure the firewall directly from the Windows program: open the "Settings" page and click the button "Open firewall" (you will find it at the bottom of the page).
If that's not enough, you may also need to configure your antivirus/firewall software. The communication port to open is 51167.

If you still have problems, you may need to configure the type of Windows WiFi network, between "public" and "home".

Eventually, reboot the modem/router.

If you use Android 7.1 or newer and cannot see the devices connected to the hotspot created by Easyjoin, use the Android Settings menu to open the hotspot. Read more. (thanks downloaderfan)
What should I do to see notifications of my phone on my PC?
On the phone:
  • add the PC in the "Trusted" list
  • in the "Trusted" list click the name of the PC
  • select the "Settings" page and enable "Send notifications"

On the PC:
  • add the phone in the "Trusted" list
  • in the "Trusted" list click the name of the phone
  • select the "Settings" page and enable "Receive notifications"
I did everything as described but I can't share the notifications, what else do I have to do?
For security reasons Android does not allow applications to capture notifications and you must give the application explicit permission to read notifications.

For Android version 4.3 or higher you can find the option in one of the following two places:
  • Open the Android settings, select "Security", select "Notification access" and check "EasyJoin".
  • Open the Android settings, select "Sounds and notifications", select "Notification access" and check "EasyJoin".

For Android version 4.2 or lower:
  • Open the Android settings, select "Accessibility", select "EasyJoin" and enable the switch.
What do I need to do to send SMS messages and manage calls from my PC?
First of all install EasyJoin "Pro" on your phone.

On the phone:
  • add the PC in the "Trusted" list
  • in the "Trusted" list click the name of the PC
  • select the "Settings" page and enable "Send phone calls & SMS"

On the PC:
  • add the phone in the "Trusted" list
  • in the "Trusted" list click the name of the phone
  • select the "Settings" page and enable "Receive phone calls & SMS"
Note: Since version 1.2, it is no longer necessary to enable the sharing of notifications in order to send SMS messages and manage phone calls from the PC.
What are the differences between the Android versions "Essential" and "Pro"?
The difference is that the "Pro" version, once installed on your phone, allows you to send text messages and handle phone calls from a remote device.
I didn't want to add sms and phone functionalities on the existing version (now called "Essential") of Android to not force current users to accept permissions for features that maybe didn't need.
If you need these features, use the "Pro" version otherwise use the "Essential" version. Both versions will be updated and maintained regularly and will receive the same improvements.

Note that the "Essential" and "Pro" versions cannot coexist on the same device. For example, if you have installed the "Essential" version, you must uninstall it before installing the "Pro" version. If you want to keep messages, devices and settings, you can create a backup of data from "Settings" and restore it to the new installation.
Can I back up my data?
To back up your data in the Android versions, go to "Settings" and press the "Backup" button.
To back up your data in Windows, Linux and macOS, simply make a copy of the folder "data" - it is in the same folder as the executable.
I am in the middle of the Amazonian forest, can I use the application?
Yes! Even if you don't have an external WiFi network, you can connect the various devices to each other by creating your own WiFi hot spot.
From the "Settings" (android version only), turn on the WiFi hot spot on one of your devices and connect the other devices with the WiFi hot spot you have just created.

If you have connections issues please read this.
How can i update the Windows (and Linux and macOS) version?
You can download and install an update directly from the app. Open "Settings" and click the button "Check for update": if exist an update you can click the button "Download & install update" to get it. Close and reopen the program to apply the update.
Check the program version after reopening it. If the version has not been changed, please perform the manual update.

If you have issues updating the application using the method described above, you can update the application manually.

Windows and Linux versions
  • Download the app (Windows, Linux) and unzip the file "easyjoin*.zip" in a folder, i.e. "easyjoin"
  • Copy all files in folder "easyjoin"
  • Paste the copied files in the folder with the current installation of the program
macOS version
  • Download the Linux version. Safari will automatically unzip the file at the end of the download.
  • Copy the file "EasyJoin.exe"
  • Open the folder containing the current installation of the app.
  • Right click the app and select "Show Package Contents"
  • Paste the copied file in the folder "Contents"
Note: All your data (devices, messages, settings) are in the "data" folder. By following the above procedure you don't delete your data, you only update the program.
I like this application, how can I help?
A nice review on Google Play, a Facebook share, a tweet. Spread the word to your friends.
Will there be an iOS version?
I cannot currently spend more than $2,000 to purchase the hardware needed to develop only one version of the program. The only alternative is to find a way to do the development on Windows or Linux, but i'm not sure if this is possible.
There are other programs that do similar things, why did you decide to develop EasyJoin?
Because i didn't want my data to run over the Internet, just to be copied from my computer to my mobile phone, which are on the same desk!
And for security and privacy reasons, I didn't want to use external servers to send files to my nearby colleagues and friends.
And I didn't want to give applications unnecessary permissions for the functionalities they offered me.
There are a few more "and" but you get the idea.

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